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Why are people so much fascinated if you know more than two languages? March 9, 2007

 by Fort Photo

If you are a “smart word” type – which I am – then learning several languages is not a problem but a pleasure for you.

If it is the case with you then mathematics, physics or chemistry are most probably not your favorites.

However I find it always rather strange that knowing more than 2 languages fascinates people to such an extend. Actually, much more than knowing science!

What is the reason? Learning a language is definitely not that difficult as being able to research in the hard scientific maters.

Can the reason be the universal value of a language? People love to communicate, today more than ever  – in every sphere of life. And even in the realm of spirituality where one can communicate more with the heart or on vibrations, words  are still very important!

Globalisation in every meaning of this word is the main sign of the modern development. We are becoming more collective. We depend more on each other.

It seems like the 5th value center – Vishuddhi – is the most active at the time. And the main quality of this centre is communication!

Naturally we are all so perceptive to the means and ways of communication. More and more people study languages – even if it is not that easy for them. They learn English and are happy to be able to communicate.

But to what extend should one master a language? And WHY?

See the expert view in one of the next posts!

LOVE, axinia


12 Responses to “Why are people so much fascinated if you know more than two languages?”

  1. ggwfung Says:

    languages are fun! I especially like learning new scripts, like Russian or Hindi.


  2. axinia Says:

    New scrips are fun and good traning for brain!

    I recently started learning Hindi – that is really fascinating, especially when you can finaly read these strange signs 😉

    Any new language opens a new dimention for me, but the language with the different script gives even such more…

    Not sure if I will make it to study Chinese one day 😉

  3. Anastasia Says:

    Scientists say that people who know more than one language never suffer loss of memory when they are old. It happens due to the different parts of the brain working when speaking different languages.
    And some personal impression: when I switch onto English I feel that this language is like a part of me. Somehow it even happened so that I could manage to read “War and Peace” by Tolstoy in full only in English (in Russian – only some parts of it) and I was so much fascinated by Tolstoy’s style of writing!

  4. axinia Says:

    Anastasia, really interesting observation about your love to English!

    I noticed about myself that any other language I speak I feel myself being a kind of a different person: every new languge opens some qualities in me which I sometimes do not expect:

    -when I speak English I tend to be intellectual and philosofical. On the other hand, when I pray, I can only pray in English – I almost physicall feel it is coming from my heart!

    -when I speak German I become very quiet, realxed, somehow slower and cosy 😉 – just like Austrians! (Austrian German is not that clear and powerful as German German)

    -when I speak Italian, I become very emotional, keep laughing all the time and my hands move non stop 😉 In fact, it is hard for me to speak Italin longer than half an hour, as I am not used to such emotional communication.

    -when I speak Russian(my mothertongue) I fell just normal, but honestly – Russian is not my favourite language… My Russian is not that perfect as I wish it could be, it is rather colloquial and sometimes too fast.

    Recently I started studing Hindy, and I wonder what kind of a person I will be speaking Hindi? 😉 Lets see…

    Anyway, learning languages is not only extremely useful, healthy and – often – wealthy, it also opens new dimentions in your own personality and that is much fun!

  5. anisor Says:

    I know how to speak in 4 different language that includes Bengali, Deutsche, English, and Hindi. But I don’t know the Hindi scripts. It is awesome to know different language.

  6. Sahaja Says:

    I know english, telugu and hindi now….and I can understand if I try , Sanskrit…..And I want to learn Urdu….I can understand and sing songs but cant really speak/understand fluent urdu!

  7. axinia Says:

    Sahaja, it would be intresting to now HOW YOU FEEL speaking all that languages…do you feel any difference how I described it?

  8. swaps Says:

    Languages are very exciting…it can teach you history (perhaps the most exact version), give insights to the culture, climate, lifestyle of the native.

    But, yes, logically thinking people have difficulty learning languages.

  9. Diffio Says:

    Hi Axinia!

    What do you think is it possible to study and speak (!) in a language not living in a country where people speak in this language?

  10. axinia Says:

    sure, it is possible 🙂
    my secret: start studiying with YOUR countrymen, who is experienced teacher, not with a native speaker! – only the person with your language mindset can explain you the grammer the best. Then For polishing your foregin language use a native speaker.

  11. Sahaja Says:

    Hmm well….I never thought abt it but now I think I can tell you I do feel the difference…

    When I speak in my native language – telugu – I feel a sense of calmness, peace and assertiveness….a sort of confidence that i wont be searching for words to express what i feel…..u can say!

    When I speak in English – I feel , I am communicating well , professional or sort of global citizen which is quite natural!

    When I speak in Hindi – I feel poetic and musical ….may be coz i love music and listen 2 many bollywood songs :)…The hindi i know is a mixture of urdu and hindi too…

    but all these seem natural to me 🙂

  12. Anon. Says:

    I love learning new languages, they give you an immediate insight to the culture of the country, because thats how they’re represented. Through a language people build an idea of a place, how the people might be, how the atmosphere is, and so on. For example: italians are often seen as easygoing and laid back, because thats just how italian might seem at first sight to a foreigner. But you soon notice that its actually much more hectic and tight as it seems. When one first hears the language, it might seem light and flowery, but thats actually not the case at all: I know for a fact that italian is a very orderly language, and that, if one spends more time in italy, he or she will notice that italians like order and cleanliness, and that they’re quite strict about it. Even “All’s ok” (“Tutto e a posto”) actually means: everything is in its place!
    So although languages give people the idea of the country, they can be trickier than one thinks, and are actually much deeper than you’d expect. Thats what makes languages the diamonds of culture!

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