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Why is it cool to be cool? March 6, 2007

 photo axinia

The word “cool” is one of the most popular in the last decade.

It is amazing how the collective consciousness of mankind reflects some deeper evolutionary processes!

Since the opening of the last seventh centre (on top of the head responsible for integration of all) in 1970 the word “cool” represents the new state of awareness which can be easily achieved trough self-realization.

The most fascinating thing is that now it can be done an-mass, and not individually as through the long history of spirituality.

In the acient scriptures of all religions and many spiritual movements you can find a similar description  as of Gyaneshwara  (1275-1296) describing the manifestation of Kundalini awakening as “The life wind emerges out of the Kundalini and creates a cooling sensation in the body internally as also externally.”

The cool breeze on the plams of your hands and on top of your head can be clearly felt almost by everyone recieving self-realization!

Hundreds of thousands worldwide have got this fascinating expereince. For them feeling cool breeze is a sign of something authentic.

Interesting enough the word “cool” is getting more and more popular even with people who are not aware of these global changes in the collective conciousness. “Keep a cool head”, “cool, man!” – are well established expressions.

Another relevant to the cool breeze expression is “vibrations”, also coming into fashion. What I always wonder – what do people mean under “good vibraitons” if they don´t feel it physically?

Being somebody who is not very sensitive and intuitive, I trust my feeling of cool vibrations as it seems very practical physical – and not somehow esotherical or mystical- experience to me.

Just very logical.

Wish you can see it one day for yourself!

LOVE, axinia


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