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What is on top of your value system? February 26, 2007


This question could be even more crucial than one can think. For it is our value system that  leads us in our daily lives and rules our decisions.

There are psychological tests helping you to identify your primary values. But let me tell you what kind of a simple test I found for myself.

Since my childhood my highest motivation has been to become better, to develop myself as much as possible. As I grew up in the Soviet Union, I was deeply atheistic and luckily not conditioned by any religion. But at the age of 20 I suddenly realized that it was actually SPIRITUALITY I was looking for. I was a seeker of truth and wanted to find my spirit.

Once I was travelling by train in Russia and  met a nice young boy in my compartment. As It often happens on a trip, we spent the whole night talking about all possible things, sharing life experiences and ideas. And somehow we came to the topic of spirituality  –  surprisingly for me he mentioned this word first! I asked him what spirituality actually is – because it seems like nobody knows exactly.

His answer was as unexpected as beautiful: “Spirituality is when you have something which is HOLY, sacred for you. Something you can give your life for”. I was stunned by the simplicity and wisdom of this formula.

Later on it became my favourite question to ask people: “what is holy for you, what would you give your life for, what could you not live without?”  – and I was shocked to learn that most of the ones I asked could not give any reply…

And what is YOUR answer? Would be great to see your comments!

LOVE, axinia


10 Responses to “What is on top of your value system?”

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  2. derique Says:

    The thing that which is holy for me? Now, that is a perplexing question! As of this moment I am a “Seeker” and as such everything seems to be questionable. Identification, not only of things sacred, but of myself are extremely difficult to separate as well as to decide or even find. However, if I could name a few things that are holy for me: these would be my books & journals. They are in essence Me. They are my thoughts, my inspirations, my questions and some of them even possess some of my answers. They are HOLY to me. I do not place too high of a position on my material belongings since I have recently moved and have very few of them. However, my writings & readings have always had a very important place in my heart. As for other things, sunshine & the wind on my face, the smell of spring flowers- the sweet touch of my lover these things are also holy to me.
    For things that which I would give my life for: I would die and be honoured to die for others. This is something that has been asked of me before, and I have had plenty of time to digest and can say I would give my life for the happiness of others. I would die to save humanity and would gladly die to save any sentient being: whether plant, animal or human.
    As for not being to live without? I could not live without life’s beauty. No matter how horrible, no matter how much suffering I see everyday I know that there are equal amounts of beauty and good out int he world. I work with very troubled individuals, doing countless things that would be considered ‘ugly’ by many people. However, I have the strength to see it through, knowing that art, music, compassion, comedy & love is only around the corner. These things I could not live without. These things are what make me smile. These are things that which keep me sane.

  3. Ramya Says:

    I am so surprised to see so less comments on this post Axinia….I am Surprised!!

    As I said once before, spirituality in my sense would be finding your own self,and ways that make you feel happy…..really from heart…..in other words…..being spiritual for me is being a child at heart…innocent and pure!!!

    And coming to answer your question….may be i am too young and dint see the world as such….

    the most sacred thing is My mother , my parents…..I mean, they are the reason I am here and the reason for whatever I am….my first teachers, correcting me, putting me in right path when i am wrong…what not!! I dont think I need to elaborate 🙂

    Something which I cannot live without is maybe myself hehe sounds funny…but my explaination is here…..when I say Myself…i mean the real me, without pretention,…..me the way my parents know me….I am not getting the exact words to express…but I hope you understand what I wanted to say….

  4. axinia Says:

    @Ramya, this is one of my older posts, at that time I did not get so many comments 🙂

    I like your thoughtflow, you are definetly going in the right direction, girl!

    “being spiritual for me is being a child at heart…innocent and pure!!!” – it is so beautiful and so true!..

  5. Ramya Says:

    Thanks Axinia…..could not be better than how you would express it!! 🙂

    Well, So i did a good job reading these older posts….seeing the comments people would read it aint it??…Ya it deserves!! 🙂

  6. axinia Says:

    great job indeed, Ramya, – not everyone is that diligent as you to find the old posts :)) you are a clever girl, indeed!

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  8. tatushka55 Says:

    what is holy for you, what would you give your life for, what could you not live without?”

    1. Waht is holy for me? I could never think that finding answer on this question will be so difficult. And dispite this I cannot find answer. interesting :O_o:
    2. What would you give my life for? I an such egoistic that I think there is nothing for what I could give my life. I heard that for women such creations are their children and their beloved persons. But I am not sure If I could give my life for my husband (I am not Juliette), about baby I will know after I have
    3. Ihat could I not live without? Without myself, my husband(after the period we are together) without money as I have big demands in life, without 2st century 🙂 .

  9. Dmitri Says:

    I would give my life instantly if I have to save my little brother…and I can’t live without joy, love

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