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7 Steps of all-purpose management by axinia February 23, 2007

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  photo by axinia

Being a young female foreigner in Austria I managed to represent that country several times in different international projects and organizations.

How come? Are there not enough local talents?

Happy to share with you my recipe of success (works in ALL life situations).


1. Two conditions are absolutely crucial: be loving and forgiving!

2. In the light of your love to people you can easily see the best qualities in them.

3. Praise people! – do it from you heart being convinced in their powers! Surprisingly often people are unaware of their less obvious talents and abilities. And they are more than grateful for pointing it out.

4. Always ask people about their interests, hobbies, special knowledge and abilities – they are happy that someone is interested and happy to help you next time you need them for a project.

5. Disregard gossip and moaning: if you know that A and B can not stand each other, there is no chance to make them work together. If you don`t know about this  – most probably you will easily make them work together! (remember mind projections?)

6. Ask people for a favour with an innocence of a child, without feeling guilty or being bossy.

7. Remember: you are not the doer! – do not let any success to pumper your ego, otherwise you will not manage the next thing so easy. The easiness of the work is the sign of you being the right instrument at the right time in the right place.

Good luck!



13 Responses to “7 Steps of all-purpose management by axinia”

  1. Solveig Says:

    Замечательное обрамление!!!! Поздравляю с новым начинанием, таким же светлым, добрым и полезным, как и прежнее!!!!

    С любовью,
    твой котик 🙂

  2. […] 7 steps of all-purpose management by axinia […]

  3. robertasia Says:

    agree with all the points, very helpful

  4. […]  7 Steps of all-purpose management by axinia […]

  5. Sahaja Says:

    guess what?? I am smiling…..
    The first thing I felt reading this is — You are so pure Axinia, the way you narrate and tell things, its just awesome!!

  6. axinia Says:

    thanks, dear! You are pumpering my ego 🙂

  7. tatushka55 Says:

    My applauses 🙂
    Very interesting 7 steps 🙂

  8. Alex Says:

    Xsjusha, what else can we add about all of your talents! 😉

    Just a simple and effective ways of dealing nicely with people – all in a nutshell! …The most important trick – not to forget that you are just a humble instrument!!

  9. Olga SE Says:

    It sounds like Dale Carnegie, but more ladylike. The rules are simple but living by them is often not. The last one is the most difficult for me, for I tend to forget the saying: ‘What is necessary is never difficult’. Thank you for the reminder, Axinia.

  10. Dear Axinia,

    I cannot control myself from appreciating you again and again.

    God Almighty must be very much pleased with you for spreading all sort of positive messages across the blog sphere.

    May God Bless You,

  11. I like the line “Remember: you are not the doer! “

  12. paula Says:

    I adore the picture, it is just so precious. And this advice is perfect. Gossip is a sneaky one, suddenly your in it, or around it. I have always enjoyed the special-ness of others. It helps to recognize that we are all good at something, and more than one thing, and I enjoy praising people. We don’t do that enough.

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